TEDx: “Do A Little — A Lot”

Sweet CEO Shannon Wentworth shares the little, big idea behind Sweet’s community service projects at TEDx Scottsdale, December 10, 2011. Enjoy.

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Great presentation–made me want a Snicker’s bar and to go on another Sweet trip!


Great video, great ideas, and big impact! Terrific, Shannon! Glad you are a part of our community…of dare devil dykes who make a difference!


[…] ** If you want to add a link to a video, I explain the concept behind Sweet in this TEDx talk: http://discoversweet.com/tedx-do-a-little-a-lot-by-shannon-wentworth/ […]


I enjoyed watching this video and hearing the story of how it all began! I love to know how a business or idea of a business got started. I particularly enjoyed learning about how Sweet was able to get girls involved on your very first trip. Its true if you give someone a challenge, they will want to achieve it, no matter what it may be.
I have been looking at your website a couple of times in the past few years, and feel that I want to get involved! I am interested in going on the cruise,yes but seemed to have missed the most recent ones. LOL.
Is there any other way I can help?? I have a somewhat flexible schedule with my job, and would love to help out in saving our EARTH as well.
I have a background in Education, love all animals, and enjoy cleaning up the environment! 🙂
Please feel free to contact me and we can maybe discuss other ways I too can help.
I appreciate your time and consideration.
Look forward to volunteering my time and helping the less fortunate.

P.S. Are you able to do anything to help out the victims of Hurricane Sandy??
I would love to do that for sure.

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