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Yippee! Sweet eliminated all the carbon created by our business operations, including all our air, sea and car travel, with CarbonFund.org. Ah, clean air smells so sweet.

With CarbonFund.org, you choose the clean energy or air cleaning project you’d like your offset dollars to support. We chose to contribute to a massive tree planting effort along the banks of the Tensas River in Louisiana. It’s a perfect fit for us, since our first cruise departs from New Orleans.

Sweet is committed to minimizing the impact of our vacations and business operations on the environment. Our goal is to leave the world a better place than we found it.

Check out our Sweet CarbonFree™ certificate.

To learn more about the Tensas project, watch this video.
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Carbon offsets enable anyone to reduce their climate footprint by supporting projects that reduce carbon dioxide emissions to balance out one’s own carbon footprint. We all are responsible for carbon dioxide emissions through the use of energy such as; driving, heating and cooling our homes, or watching TV. Carbon offsetting is the act of reducing an equal amount of carbon somewhere else to counterbalance the carbon emissions from your energy-using activities.

CarbonFund.org supports reforestation projects around the world that reduce CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. Reforestation is a form of carbon sequestration (sequestration is the capture and removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere). Forests capture CO2 and store it in the trees’ mass and in the soil. Reforestation projects play a vital role in absorbing emissions and providing time to transition to a new energy future.

CarbonFund.org is leading the fight against climate change, making it easy and affordable for any individual, business or organization to eliminate their climate impact and hastening the transformation to a clean energy and technology future. CarbonFund.org achieves its goals by supporting renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects globally that reduce carbon dioxide emissions and the threat of climate change.

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Kudos for this selection! It should also help slow soil erosion into the Missippi river basin.
I’m wondering what the rows of stubbly plants are where the trees are being planted. Is that cotton or, perhaps rice?
I wish I could meet all of you!


Hi Katie,
I’m so excited about the project. I think it’s just perfect for us in so many ways. I think it’s reclaimed pasture land, but I’ll ask our CarbonFund rep.

About meeting us, we’re at events all over the map this summer, so pay attention to the MEET SWEET section of the web site or our e-newsletter for more information.

Stay Sweet,

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