Cozumel cat and dog rescue

When stray dogs and cats dream, it’s about being the adored pet of a lesbian. Don’t doubt for a second that they talk about it. They talk of little else.

“I heard they let you sleep in the bed with them!”

“Well, I heard they feed you actual raw meat and vegetables that they prepare fresh every meal.”

“I heard they take pictures of you with them when they go on vacation!”

Yeah, pretty much, you’re all the talk in animal shelters all over the world. Being a lesbian’s pet is like winning the fuzzy lottery. In Cozumel, we’re going to make dreams come true for our furry friends.

It’s our most ambitious and comprehensive rescue effort yet. There are so many ways you can help.

1. Supply drive: Everyone can help by bringing much-needed supplies from the wish list below. Call all the vets you know now to ask for donations. Money is put to good use.

2. Humane Society Project: We’ll go to the shelter, visit with the animals and help with the maintenance of the facility for 2-3 hours. This is an excellent opportunity to make a new friend to take home with you (details below). We are going Tuesday through Friday, 11am to 1pm. It’s $15 per person donation. You’ll meet in the lobby at 10.30am. Transportation costs are on own. Sign up now!

3. Charity poker tournament: We’re hosting a star-studded poker tournament to benefit Cats and Dogs International, specifically to pay for veterinarian housing for their huge spay and neuter project in Cancun, November 3-10. Test your lady luck and save cats and dogs at the same time. Click for details and sign up information.

4. Gato Adopt-a-Thon: On Sunday, September 2, the kitties are coming to visit us. The adoptable cats will be in the Cozumel Resort lobby at 11am for a few hours. Come meet your future snuggle bunny. Consider adopting, fostering or transporting one of these cute, little critters. It’s incredibly easy and cheap, if not free to fly with a Mexican animal. If you are adopting or are Canadian, we desperately need your help. There are cat foster families waiting in Canada and all we need is an escort. You fly with the animal and that is it. Someone will be waiting in Canada to take the animal into foster care.

5. Pet escort program: We can get dogs and cats to rescue groups/foster groups in the United States and Canada. We are looking for travelers going to the following cities:
Vancouver Island via Vancouver

If anyone is coming from the Toronto area and wants to donate supplies, but doesn’t want to lose luggage space, Sandra Train will carry supplies for you. Please contact her sandratrain [at]

Any Sweeties from the United States that do adopt larger dogs, we can get them out on the Delta Live Summer program, discounted and broker fees waived, ranging from $200 to $300, sometimes cheaper, if more than one dog is going to same destination and one adopter is willing to claim both under their name.

Please write to us at info [at], if you can escort an animal and we’ll sort out the particulars with you and make it as easy as possible.

6. Mutt Strut: We’re doing a 3-kilometer doggie parade from our hotel to the Cozumel Humane Society shelter on Monday, September 3. Ask your family, friends and co-workers to sponsor you and your canine buddy for this very special event. We’re asking participants for a $25 minimum donation. Download the sponsor form. Your friends can donate online through our e-store. All they need to do is enter your name in the company line at checkout so we can track donations by mutt strutter. Donations can be made in increments of $25. There will be a pool party after our strut with drinks, snacks and prizes for the Sweetest fundraiser.

7. The Sweet Cookbook: Sweeties and their friends across the United States and Canada donated recipes to create “The Sweet Cookbook.” The net proceeds benefit our friends at the Cozumel Humane Society. The volume also features savory submissions from celesbian “chefs” Edie Carey, Catie Curtis, Traci Dinwiddie, Fortune Feimster, Melissa Ferrick, Chef Josie, Gabrielle Lindau, Bridget McManus, Jennie McNulty, Lori Michaels, Jackie Monahan and Sweet’s own Shannon Wentworth who all lent their culinary talents to the project.

Sweet is now accepting pre-orders for “The Sweet Cookbook,” which will be printed and shipped for fall 2012 delivery. Remember, “The Sweet Cookbook” makes a great holiday gift and your purchases benefit a wonderful cause. Shop now!

+ We want to make these cat beds for our cats while in dog kennels under quarantine, but we cannot buy the PVC elbows in Mexico. We require four per bed and we would like to make ten of them. Buy elbows!
+ Dog kennels medium and large: Desperately needed.
+ Sherpa bags (soft-sided carriers) of any kind
+ Dog collars small and medium sizes (large not needed)
+ Cat safety collars stretch kind, not breakaway. See them here.
+ Cat and dog toys: Cat toys are particularly hard to find.
+ Cat cubes and towers, prefer the kind we can clean, so avoid cloth designs.
+ Slip leads for dogs. We love the rope kind for walking the dogs, but we will accept any kind of slip leads. Example.
+ Sutures: ABSORBABLE ONLY. Monocryl, PDS, Polysorb, Maxon,Vicryl (no chrome gut please) Sizes: 2.0, 3.0, 4.0
+ Sterile guaze, but we can take non-sterile also.
+ Needles: gauges 23 and 25 without syringe
+ De-wormers of all kinds, but cat specific are much needed.
+ Revolution flea and tick (for cats particularly needed). All flea and tick products appreciated.
+ Capstar especially 2 to 25 pound doses
+ DOXYCYCLINE (HUGE NEED ALWAYS): We prefer tablets we can split, 50mg
and 100mg doses.
+ Albon suspension and pills for treatment of coccidias puppies and cats.
Panacur: Cattle strength. Details.
+ Eye antibiotic ointment to lubricate eyes for surgery.
+ Pain medication injectable and oral: Rimadyl (carprofen), Meloxicam (Metacam), ketoprofen, Medetomidine (Dormitor: anaesthesic).
+ ISOFLURANE (if anybody has vet/anaesthetist connections)
+ Heartworm, Parvo, Giardia and Distemper antigen tests.
+ SPO2 monitor, animal specific (highly needed)
+ Stethoscopes, good quality, such as Littmann. Need two adult size and two pediatric size.
+ Clippers for shaving and blades (blade size 40)
+ Infectious disease book, like this.
+ Cat traps and transfer cages (HUGE NEED). Particularly, #30LTD in this brand and the transfer cages that match the #30 LTD. Also, #18TE animal carrier.
+ Kuranada beds for dogs, medium size, cordura material preferred, we are on the list for shelter discount of 30 percent here: Kuranda.
+ Cat and Dog food will most likely be taken at customs, but treats are welcome and are easy to transport.

Yes, please. Make a huge impact by taking a critter home with you. The humane society provides the health certificates. There is no quarantine and most airlines are able to fly pets back to the United States or Canada. Humane Society volunteer Andrea is dedicated to helping you every step of the way. There are just not enough homes on the island for all the stray animals. Ready to fall in love? See who’s available now. If you find a pet you like, they’ll hold it for you.

While they can’t spend it themselves, stray cats and dogs love money. Make checks payable to the Humane Society of Cozumel. Cash donations can be made directly in Cozumel. Online donations go to The Humane Society of Cozumel via payola. Or you can buy a T-shirt for $15.

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Even if you decide not to partake in the excursion, please bring a few supplies for the animals. The Humane Society is in dire need of all the supplies listed above. Anything you can bring will be a big help. thanks in advance everyone


So glad I can be a part of supporting this by donating supplies for the Cozumel humane society on behalf of Humanitourism™ and inside/out, even though I can’t be there myself. If you can help transport from Denver, please post a note. I have boxes and boxes totaling over $5,000 in supplies to get over there.


Amazing day with the sweet girls at the Cozumel Humane Society. Thank you so much for your help and positive feedback on our island shelter. The energy was fantastic!! A very special thanks to Zoe Katsulos with Humanitourism™ and inside/out (whose card I already lost), who donated so many of the supplies and thanks to Trina for her efforts and her hard days work and Babs for helping to get this organized.

Come back soon,
Lisa Anne Ramirez
v/p volunteer
The Humane Society of Cozumel


Has anyone in the veterinary industry travled with controllables? How do we do it and how do we track product – DEA?

Colleen “Ween” The Cat Doctor, Atlanta, Ga.

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