Cozumel 2012 Packing List

Whoo hoo! It’s time to pack. The weather promises to be in the mid-70s to mid-80s for our week. It does cool off a bit at night and it’s sometimes windy.

Here’s a list of things you don’t want to forget:
• Toiletries: Razor, lotion, make up (or not), hair ties, toothbrush, toothpaste, topsy tail, hair brush, mousse, gel, Advil, Extenze, tampons / pads, Q-Tips, etc.

• Hairdryer: The resort provides a pretty good one, but if you’re picky about your ‘do, bring your own.

• Shorts: Cargo shorts — check! Camo shorts — check! Bermuda shorts — check! Board shorts — check! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then you don’t need my help packing.

• Tank tops / T-shirts: Like you’d ever forget those.

• Sun dresses: These are optional. If you’re a sundress person, you’ll want to pack some.

• Sweater / light jacket: We’re looking at warm weather for the week, but the air conditioning in the hotel can get a bit chilly.

• Hat: Bring one, bring two, bring one for every outfit. You’ll want a hat. There’s going to be sun.

• Sunglasses: Combine these with the hat and we’re talking hot, hot, hot. Bring a case for them, too. You do not need to be squinting into scratched up glasses.

• Watch: Take your Sweet time (and keep track of it, too).

• Flip flops: Essential footwear for the woman on the go. Formal flip flops for the evening, casual flip flops for the day and don’t forget your gag flip flops for starting conversations with strangers.

• Swimsuits, swimmie fins and water shoes

• Snorklers, bring your own gear.

• Daypack: You’ll want something to carry around on our excursions.

• Gloves: For our community service projects, please bring a pair of sturdy work gloves to protect your delicate hands.

• Passport: Pack it, check it, double check it, then check it again. You need it. Make sure you see your girlfriend’s too. You know how she’s always forgetting something.

• Moola, money, greenbacks: While everything at our resort is included, tipping is always welcome (and gets you drinks faster). Additionally, you’ll probably want to buy something around town. The resort will exchange your U.S. dollars at a favorable rate and no fees. Cash is available at the front desk with credit cards, but there’s a 10 percent commission plus a 3 percent exchange rate fee. There’s also an ATM machine that spits out pesos and dollars, but fees do apply. It’s best to bring cash from home (about $250 per person should do it).

You need U.S. dollars for:
– Our community service projects
– Poker tournament
– Shopping in town
– Tips (are additional and optional, your vacation includes tips)

You need pesos for:
– Tips (off resort or optionally on resort)
– Cab rides into town
– Purchases outside of our resort (though many vendors take U.S. dollars)

• Notify your credit card companies and bank that you’ll be traveling in Mexico.

• Sunscreen: Until we fix global warming, pack at least SPF 15 and make it biodegradable.

• Battery disposal: Bring a baggie to carry home your batteries and recycle them properly. There is no battery recycling available on Cozumel. They will end up in the ocean and we’ll have to pick them up next time we come.

• Mustache party outfit: It’s a night of free mustache rides. Don your favorite lip caterpillar and see if your new friends recognize you.

• 70s party: We’re bringing disco back, yeah. Dust off your 70s duds, vacuum your afro wig and get ready for a brickhouse night.

• Pajama party: Everyone wants to pack the last night, so we’re partying in our PJs after the packing is done. Don’t forget your bunny slippers.

• Workout gear: The gym is top notch. You’ll want to check it out. Plus we have a few yoga classes for you, too.

• Camera / video camera with extra batteries or charger: Don’t miss a thing.

• Bug spray: We don’t want you to get bit, unless you want to get bit.

• Business cards / notepad: You’re going to make loads of new friends. You’ll want their contact information.

• Just in case, bring photo copies of your passport, insurance card and all credit cards you’re bringing. Better to be safe than sorry.

• Heavy duty plastic trash bags: Bring one or two for our beach and park clean ups (you don’t have to do the cleaning up, but we’ll put your bags to good use).

• We have two projects for which we’re collecting supplies. The first is to help the cats and dogs of Cozumel. The second is to help the special needs kids on the island. Everything you bring will be put to good use. No donation is too small. A box of crayons or a dog collar really helps. The project wish lists are below.

Share your favorite packing tips and anything we missed in the comments section below.


+ We want to make these cat beds for our cats while in dog kennels under quarantine, but we cannot buy the PVC elbows in Mexico. We require four per bed and we would like to make ten of them. Buy elbows!
+ Dog kennels medium and large: Desperately needed.
+ Sherpa bags (soft-sided carriers) of any kind
+ Dog collars small and medium sizes (large not needed)
+ Cat safety collars stretch kind, not breakaway. See them here.
+ Cat and dog toys: Cat toys are particularly hard to find.
+ Cat cubes and towers, prefer the kind we can clean, so avoid cloth designs.
+ Slip leads for dogs. We love the rope kind for walking the dogs, but we will accept any kind of slip leads. Example.
+ Sutures: ABSORBABLE ONLY. Monocryl, PDS, Polysorb, Maxon,Vicryl (no chrome gut please) Sizes: 2.0, 3.0, 4.0
+ Sterile guaze, but we can take non-sterile also.
+ Needles: gauges 23 and 25 without syringe
+ De-wormers of all kinds, but cat specific are much needed.
+ Revolution flea and tick (for cats particularly needed). All flea and tick products appreciated.
+ Capstar especially 2 to 25 pound doses
+ DOXYCYCLINE (HUGE NEED ALWAYS): We prefer tablets we can split, 50mg
and 100mg doses.
+ Albon suspension and pills for treatment of coccidias puppies and cats.
Panacur: Cattle strength. Details.
+ Eye antibiotic ointment to lubricate eyes for surgery.
+ Pain medication injectable and oral: Rimadyl (carprofen), Meloxicam (Metacam), ketoprofen, Medetomidine (Dormitor: anaesthesic).
+ ISOFLURANE (if anybody has vet/anaesthetist connections)
+ Heartworm, Parvo, Giardia and Distemper antigen tests.
+ SPO2 monitor, animal specific (highly needed)
+ Stethoscopes, good quality, such as Littmann. Need two adult size and two pediatric size.
+ Clippers for shaving and blades (blade size 40)
+ Infectious disease book, like this.
+ Cat traps and transfer cages (HUGE NEED). Particularly, #30LTD in this brand and the transfer cages that match the #30 LTD. Also, #18TE animal carrier.
+ Kuranada beds for dogs, medium size, cordura material preferred, we are on the list for shelter discount of 30 percent here: Kuranda.
+ Cat and Dog food will most likely be taken at customs, but treats are welcome and are easy to transport.

Turtle conservation wish list
+ Red, baby sea turtle safe flashlight. Like this.
+ Rain ponchos
+ Latex gloves
+ Rechargeable batteries
+ Spray can (Color red or orange)
+ Flagging Tape (Pink)
+ Seamstress soft-tape measure

The CAM (Centro de Atencion Multiple) 
The CAM School is a special facility dedicated to providing education and related services for children with mental, physical and/or behavioral disabilities. CAM provides a holistic approach to learning by helping children and their parents set realistic goals for their learning capabilities, providing physical therapy, a social worker and psychologist to work with the children and their parents.

No. 1: Athletic shoes
Children’s size 2 up to adult size 7. The sizes that range directly between the children’s and adult sizes in particular. (socks and underwear are helpful too)

No. 2: Backpacks and messenger bags
Elementary, middle school and high school.

No. 3: Scientific or basic calculators

No. 4: Spanish dictionaries
Student ones are great. Paperback are fine.

+ Children’s books in Spanish or Spanish & English
+ Tools
+ Tool kits
+ Drills
+ Fabric for sewing
+ Pencil pouches
+ Dry erase markers
+ Washable markers, 8-12 pack
+ Highlighters
+ Water storage tank
+ Ceiling fan
+ Chair
+ Food prep equipment
+ Child care learning resources for adults

Please note: The tools, tool kits, food prep equipment and fabric are for NUAFA’s adult vocational education program. They teach the local women different skills to help them become self-sufficient and earn income.




We are working on gathering supplies to donate to the Humane Society and The School. Is there a way to ship a box of supplies to the resort so that it will be there when we arrive?

Thanks 🙂


I will check with the vet to see if we can bring another suitcase full of medical supplies like we did last time. We will also check with our teacher friends to get some school supplies. It is amazing to me how many people donated when I showed them the list of needed items. I encourage all Sweeties to pack an extra bag of supplies for donations. We used a collapsible bag that we put into our suitcase to take home once the donations were delivered. Lets do this up right, Sweeties!


It’s really hard to ship into Mexico. Many shipments get held up in customs. Write to me at info [at] and I’ll send you the address of someone from Houston who makes the drive to Cozumel several times a year with Humane Society supplies.


For our rechargable items that have plugs, are the wall outlets traditional or do we need adaptors? Thanks!


we are flying into cancun. what would you advise us to take, the airport bus to the ferry or a shuttle or limo. which one is safer.


You can buy a transfer from Cozumel Palace. It makes it easy. Details coming later this week.


The outlets are like the ones in the United States.


You forgot the long pants and collared shirts for dinner. Long pants and collared shirts, in Mexico, really??!!!


Definitely not. Short pants, no collars, all the way.


Is the list for the CAM school inclusive of the list? I thought I had seen a list asking for more school supplies such as stickers, crayons, etc. I could be wrong but if you can advise. I have quite a bit of supplies including craft, from my VBS days I am willing to donate. Sandra


CAM asked that we narrow the list to their most pressing needs, but craft supplies are still welcome.


Sounds like a great time

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