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Suzanne Westenhoefer
Suzanne WestenhoeferFearless. Bold. Sparkly. Hilarious. That’s Suzanne Westenhoefer in a nutshell. She’s made a career out of telling the truth. And, the truth is, life is funny (and no one is off limits). From her sister’s obsession with "Passion of the Christ" to her girlfriend’s Herculean thighs, Suzanne tells stories that leave audiences in <more…>

Jen Foster
Jen FosterJen Foster wants you to hear her music. Whether she’s singing about the time her lover moved out and took everything she owned in “Taking Bob Dylan” — or about our jaded American culture in “Closer to Nowhere” — she has something she needs to share with you. <more…>

Edie Carey
Edie CareyOn her fourth studio album, Another Kind of Fire, Boston-based folk-pop singer-songwriter Edie Carey explores the myriad kinds of "fire" – romantic and otherwise – that keep us burning below the surface: old resentments, creativity, anger, lost friendships, lust, and, of course, love. <more…>

adrianneAdrianne has a voice and songs that will fill your heart and break your heart at the same time. From the moment she steps onto the stage until the last note, the room is silent, as she has a way of creating a world within a world. She has supported such acts as Jeff Buckley, Jonatha Brooke, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Tegan and Sara, and Colin Hay. <more…>

Natalia Zukerman
natalia-zukermanNatalia Zukerman didn’t have to look far as a child to find musical influence. She attributes her rigorous work ethic, discipline and instrumental predisposition to her parents. The daughter of violinist/conductor Pinchas Zukerman and flutist/writer Eugenia Zukerman, Natalia grew up in Manhattan immersed in classical music. <more…>

Erin Foley
Erin FoleyErin Foley has the grace and style of a seasoned actress with the wit and comedic timing that leaves audiences laughing uncontrollably for more. Foley is a recent transplant to Los Angeles, having spent many long hours in New York City’s comedy clubs for the last nine years and on stages mastering the art of stand-up comedy while auditioning and successfully pursuing her acting career. <more…>

Gloria Bigelow
Gloria BigelowRecently named in the Funniest Lesbians in America issue of Curve magazine, you can catch Gloria Bigelow on LOGO in the fourth installment of Andrea Meyerson’s award winning “Laughing Matters” series, “Laughing Matters … Next Gen.” <more…>

Sandra Valls
Sandra VallsSandra Valls is a brash, high energy, outrageously funny, in-your-face Latina comic and then some! Her comedy career began just after an ex-lover broke up with her, then signed her up for comedy classes as a consolation prize. That’s no joke! An expert at making lemonade, Sandra quickly learned to use the stage to motivate, provoke, entertain and, oh yes, above all, make audiences LAUGH! <more…>

Kate McKinnon
kate-mckinnonKate McKinnon was hired as a cast member on LOGO’s “Big Gay Sketch Show” during her senior year of college, and just completed filming the show’s third season. She now performs on a house sketch team at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York, after a successful run of her one-woman show, “Disenchanted.” <more…>

Special Guests

Cathy DeBuono
Cathy DeBuonoCathy DeBuono is a rare actress in Hollywood. While many actresses remain in the closet, or at least “guarded” about their personal lives, she is not only out and proud, but is actively seeking out lesbian roles. The daughter of a New York cop, Cathy was a gifted natural athlete and a heavily recruited volleyball player. <more…>

Jill Bennett
Jill BennettJill Bennett knew she was a lesbian at age 13, when her friend Heather squeezed her leg in the basement while watching a horror movie. Making her way as an out actress in today’s world didn’t prove to be quite so easy, costing her some opportunities and perhaps more mainstream success, but she’s got no regrets. These days, she’s got her integrity to keep her warm plus plenty of acting gigs. <more…>

Shawnee Harkins
shawneeShawnee’s passion for physical fitness surfaced from both her time in the medical field as a Firefighter/EMT and her own physical recovery after the car accident. Combined with her entrepreneurial heart, Shawnee fell in love with fitness training and decided to make it her career. After gaining significant experience during her employment at Gold’s Gym, Shawnee took her skills and business sense to the streets opening her own private studio, Toned Fitness. <more…>

Nat & Meg
Nat & MegNatalie Garcia and Meghan Hall are hosts of The Sweet Adventures of Nat and Meg, a video travel/interview/reality show on the popular AfterEllen.com web site. They offer viewers a hilarious peek into GLBT communities across the United States — in tiny rural towns, bustling big cities, and everywhere in between. <more…>

Amy Tee
amy-teeIdentified as a rising star by the Boston Globe, Amy Tee is one of the busiest comedians on the New England comedy scene. Using her real life experiences being a lesbian comedian and sharing with her audience the trials and drama of living with “the women” will have you laughing hysterically as you escape into her world and real life experiences. <more…>

CherrybombSex, love, and navigating the world of women who love women. How do you introduce toys? Is it okay to date a friend’s ex? If you’re dating, but you’re still not in her top friends what does that mean? What ever the topic, the sexy opinionated ladies of Cherry Bomb tackle it with candor and humor. With questions from the street and “celesbian” interviews, the ladies of Cherry bomb invite you to debate and discuss with them over a glass of wine… or three. <more…>

Chantal Carrere
chantal carrereAfter starting her entertainment career as a San Francisco radio DJ, Chantal Carrere took the stage and was an immediate sensation. She began performing at the hottest local comedy clubs, but it didn’t stop there. She then went on to earn an unbreakable “perfect score” in the Funniest Female competition in Los Angeles and the title of “Wildcard Finalist” in Laugh Across America in Las Vegas. <more…>

Lipstick & Dipstick
Lipstick&DipstickVoted the #1 column by readers, Lipstick & Dipstick give punchy advice to the lesbian community—a measured blend of guidance, wit and sincerity from the femme and the butch perspective—in Curve Magazine. Lipstick & Dipstick also star in their own web series, which can be viewed at curvemag.com. <more…>

Dani Campbell
Dani CampbellIn just ten short weeks Dani Campbell became America’s next lesbian superhero. As a contestant and eventual final women standing on MTV’s mega hit reality show “A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila” she was an inspiration to young people everywhere as an out and proud lesbian fire fighter who embraced her family and her life. <more…>

CordayJennifer Corday has just released a new CD, Superhero: Wonder Woman Edition, hitting streets in November of 2009.  The new collection includes the ten beautifully crafted previously released hit songs from her album Superhero, as well as three brand new bonus tracks: The Superhero Solar City Remixes produced by Scott Anderson will dare you to dance and are being distributed to DJs across the nation. <more…>

Heather Gold
Heather GoldHeather Gold is the turkey baster child of Sarah Silverman and Rachel Maddow. She’s a lesbian comic who tours North American and is best known for her quick wit, warmth and ability to involve the audience in her hilarious shows. <more…>

Jennie McNulty
Jennie McNultyJennie McNulty is a stand up comedian currently living in Los Angeles. She can be seen on MTV Network’s LOGO channel in the comedy special “One Night Stand Up,” and as the host of her signature bi-weekly walking talk show, “Jennie McNulty Presents: Walking Funny With…” on AfterEllen.com. <more…>

Andrea Meyerson
Andrea MeyersonAndrea Meyerson has been on a roll for the past fourteen years. From founding Women On A Roll (WOAR), the premier lesbian social club in Southern California in 1995, to receiving HRC’s Local Hero Award in March of last year, Andrea has sat squarely in the center of Southern California’s LGBT community. <more…>

Sweet DJs

dj-dirtySan Diego’s DJ dirtyKURTY rocks the turntables at our Sweet tea dances and nightly disco. Former professional women’s soccer player turned spin goddess, DJ dirtyKURTY hails from New Jersey where she discovered her love of music in the New York / East Coast club scene at clubs like Sound Factory, Roxy, Limelight, and the Palladium. <more…>

DJ Kathy V
dj-kathy-vFresh from Club Skirts legendary Dinah Shore Weekend, DJ Kathy V drops fierce beats all week long. Hailing from Los Angeles, DJ Kathy V plays in clubs across the nation, including Las Vegas and New York. <more…>

DJ Trina J
DJ Trina JGenre-unlimited DJ Trina J was born with music in her soul and a love for animals in her heart. She started playing drums and singing in a band at 17. A natural at interpreting beats, Trina was drawn to DJing. <more…>

DJ Tatiana
DJ TatianaBorn in Madrid, Spain, DJ Tatiana has been making people dance around the globe since 1999. Fueled by her passion for music, this talented Denver-based DJ has been rocking dance floors across the United States and abroad with her beautiful smile and her energetic vibe. <more…>

DJ Ms. Jackson
ms-jackson-125x84Ms. Jackson has been a music professional and a DJ for over 14 years. She’s made her way from coast-to-coast because of her passion and love for music. Ms. Jackson began her career in Seattle working in radio then made her way to New York City to work for VH1 and to start DJ ing in the city where it all started. <more…>

DJ Saratonin
dj-saratoninThe DJ known as “Saratonin” began spinning in San Francisco, CA at the age of 19 and has since laid a foundation of musical inspiration for female DJs across the country. Her first gig at Harvey’s Bar on the Castro in San Francisco led to the awakening of a community, keeping crowds enthralled and unable to leave the dance floor. <more…>

Sweet Sparks

Doria Biddle
Doria BiddleCalled “The Kevin Bacon of Lesbian Los Angeles,” Doria Biddle has written for MTV, Nickelodeon’s Rugrats, Disney’s Recess and was an editor at Teen Magazine where she learned all about boys and makeup. The only out lesbian Quaker on radio, Doria can be heard daily on Sirius/XM Radio’s The Frank DeCaro Show. <more…>

Tania Katan
tania-katanTania Katan is an author, playwright and performer. Her memoir My One-Night Stand With Cancer is the winner of the 2006 Judy Grahn Award in Nonfiction, an honoree of the 2006 American Library Association’s Stonewall Book Award in Non-Fiction, and a finalist for the 2006 Lambda Literary Award. <more…>

Tammara Billik
Tammara BillikTammara Billik is an award winning casting director, producer and entertainment consultant with a show business career that spans over 25 years. She’s cast over 600 episodes of prime time television including “Married… with Children,” “Grounded For Life,” “Samantha Who” and your favorite “Ellen.” <more…>

Aefa Mulholland
Aefa MulhollandBorn and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, Aefa Mulholland has worked with the B.B.C., Irish national broadcaster R.T.E. and a plethora of print and online publications, including The Irish Times, The Miami Herald, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and The Advocate. She has been published or broadcast on four continents… <more…>

Victoria Proctor
Victoria ProctorVictoria is the owner of Victoria’s Touch a Life, a Holistic Health, Fitness, and Mind-Body Wellness Practice in Catonsville, Maryland. Victoria is a sports and fitness fanatic and truly enjoys providing inspirational/motivational talks to women on living passionate and productive lives in order to achieve personal success and greatness. <more…>

Barb Elgin
Barb ElginBarb Elgin, MSW, LCSW (aka Coach Sappho), is a licensed clinical social worker, Certified Singles Coach, dating and relationship coach, with over 20 years of professional experience. <more…>

Michelle Jack
Dr. Michelle JackDr. Michelle Jack grew up surrounded by pets, from cats and birds to lizards and mice — and always knew she wanted to be a veterinarian. With an undergraduate degree from Mount Holyoke College and a degree in veterinary medicine from the Ohio State University, Dr. Jack moved on to complete an internship in avian and exotic animal medicine and surgery the following year. <more…>

Erin Cottom
Erin CottomAs a founding partner of The Cottom/Shakkottai Investment Group, Erin Cottom has advised families with high-level assets exclusively since 1996. Erin has a reputation within the legal and tax advisory community for delivering first-class investment advice and risk mitigation strategies. <more…>

D Magrini
D MagriniFor 18 years, D Magrini has focused her skills and energy toward the goal of reducing health disparities and improving access to culturally sensitive care for underserved and vulnerable women. Magrini’s deep commitment to this community of women grew out of her early years of community-focused activism while she raised her children. <more…>

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Check out the all female band “SWEET” from CT. They play all modern rock…. look and sound great!


Sweet! Thanks for the suggestion. I can’t wait to hear them.


Oh, Driftwood Fire is a great one! I saw them play with Edie Carey, they were amazing! http://www.DriftwoodFire.com.


I admit I am friends with the ladies of Driftwood Fire and I agree with the post from Rose, above. Lynn, Charlotte and JJ are incredible musicians and are getting ready to release a new CD this spring. Their beautiful and fun songs always get stuck in my head. Listen and I am sure you will agree!


Are all of these performers going to be on the Sweet Cruise?!!?!?


I’m a performer too, you can check me out at http://www.myspace.com/confessionanddenial. maybe they’ll book me for a sweet cruise, that would be awesome. Trudy


Uuuummm….all these wonderful spirits will be on the same voyage as `moi`??? 7 (Seven) days…only?? I need more like, 7 weeks to appreciate each ones gift….ooouuu, heads spinning and I`m not on da ship yet!!!

Holy biscuits (you did say no profanity, right)!!!
See you when i see you!

Where`s my ticket, need mi papers…ciao!



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