Sweet’s mission

Sweet. It’s our name and our mission.

Our Guests
More and more, women are looking to find meaning in the things they do and the things they spend their money on. We want to help magnify that meaning for our guests and find ways to have fun doing it.

Sweet is about celebrating the accomplishments of our current and future guests year round. We want to create a Sweet community fueled by their inspiring stories. From career changes to special anniversaries, from fitness successes to family additions, Sweet encourages and celebrates our guests in everything we do. While it’s incredible to be in a community of women for a week on vacation, we want to keep that feeling and that energy alive between departures.

Our World
There’s a lot we can do to make our world a better place in which to live. Sweet is committed to doing our part to curb global warming by offsetting the pollution our vacations create. Additionally, we’re committed to promoting lesbian self-esteem, health and visibility. That means, you’ll see us raising money to benefit lesbian health organizations, fighting diseases (like cancer, AIDS and heart disease) and working for equal rights for women and lesbians.